John Glynn

Musician and bartender of the Libertad's lounge.


A handsome 38-year-old half japanese, half american man with not-quite-neat black hair. He is usually found at the Libertad’s lounge, wearing casual clothes while bartending or performing. He can sometimes be seen carrying around his black trumpet case when outside of the lounge.

High Concept:
Jazz player and Gin drinker
John is the head bartender of the Casa Libertad’s lounge, and one of its most well-known musicians as well – specializing in Jazz.
Only Wants the Ones that He Can’t Get
John is almost always unsatisfied with the things he has, and seems to aim for things he has no possible hope of achieving or attaining.
Known Aspects:
The Sky Won’t Snow and the Sun Won’t Shine
John’s noticed his feelings going more and more away, as he becomes apathetic and jaded with life. He’s been losing his highs and lows – he doesn’t often get hurt, but he gets happiness even less.
John has spent a lot of his time traveling across the world, and has learned plenty from his experiences.


For all his troubles in life, John had a fairly simple upbringing in Brooklyn, NY. His parents divorced when he was 9, due to his American father being unfaithful with his Japanese mother. He lived with his mother in Brooklyn, still seeing his father, until he was 14 when he moved to Sasebo, Japan with his mother.

He remained in Sasebo for several years, where in high school he developed a love for jazz – specifically playing the trumpet and the piano. After high school, he moved to Sendai to study music. He fell in love with a girl named Yurika at his college, and they married shortly after graduating.

Unfortunately, John’s musical talents did not result in rousing success. He managed to find small gigs here and there, but work was unreliable and unfulfilling. He remained steadfast and continued his efforts, but several years with no luck put stress on not only his finances, but with his wife as well. Yurika did her best to support John, but his frustration and depression pushed her away. It wasn’t long before the constant arguments and financial worry proved too much for Yurika, and she left him for another man. John and Yurika divorced shortly afterwards.

A year later, at the age of 33, John decided to move back to Brooklyn in hopes of finding more success. His musical career fared no better overseas, and John finally decided to give up on music. He tried bar tending and found himself naturally skilled, but after a few years of seeing other musicians performing and succeeding at clubs and bars proved too depressing and he eventually quit his steady work.

Unwilling to find work, John was soon evicted from his small apartment in Brooklyn. Playing his trumpet on the street kept food in his belly, but was not nearly enough to live off of. John decided to take one last crack at fame, and began slowly working his way towards Hollywood. Without a car or much money, it took him quite a long time – but he did steadily grow nearer and nearer to California.

While passing through Nevada, he managed to hitch a ride with a wealthy businessman. The two of them stopped at the Casa Libertad, with the man offering to pay for John’s room. The evening he stayed at the hotel, John decided to visit the lounge. The regular pianist had come down with a bad fever, and the band was slated to be canceled until John offered his musical talents. Dio happened to be in the lounge that night, and hearing John’s beautiful music offered him a job on the spot. John bid farewell to the businessman, and began living at the Libertad while performing jazz nightly at the lounge. It wasn’t long before John took over bar tending as well. John was happy with the steady work, but the hotel’s decrease in popularity left him wondering if Hollywood would have been a better choice.

John has since taken over bar tending completely, now only performing on occasion. His friendly attitude and musical skill has made him quite popular among the lounge’s patrons. He most often plays piano, but he prefers to play his trumpet – his favorite song to play is Chet Baker’s “But Not For Me”

John Glynn

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