Courtney Love

An aspiring baker who runs Heart-Shaped Box


A petite 16 year old girl, usually seen wearing a pink dress or apron. She has long blonde hair that she ties back into a ponytail when working in the bakery, but leaves down otherwise.

High Concept
Forever in Debt
Courtney considers herself to be in massive debt to Dio, who helped get her out of her depression and got her the job at the Libertad
Sweet Tooth
Courtney is obsessed with all things sweet, and will rarely miss a chance to taste a new pastry or candy.
Known Aspects
Eyes Like a Pisces
Courtney is very emotional, and is desperately afraid of ridicule – leading her to try overly hard to please others.
Priceless Advice
Guests and employees alike come to Courtney for advice due to her sweetness and empathy.


Born into a middle-class family in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Courtney never knew her father. She grew up alone with her mother, who never remarried. Courtney loved cooking from a young age, and dearly wants to become a baker. She was often picked on at school, and would work very hard for others’ approval – but was never able to keep friends.

She became quite depressed and lonely as she entered high school, spending most of her free time baking sweets alone. She managed to get a part time job making deliveries at a local bakery, and happened to meet Dio when he came into the store for lunch. She quickly fell to his charm, and it wasn’t long before he offered her a job at the newly-opened Casa Libertad’s bakery. She hastily accepted, and worked out plans to live at the hotel while working there.

Courtney was shocked at how friendly and accepting everyone who worked at the Libertad was, and the head chef gave her quite a bit of freedom of expression with her baking; even letting her alter or create menu items. She quickly became head of the entire bakery at the hotel, and even helped to improve the baking of other cooks employed at the Libertad.

Courtney still works in the Libertad’s bakery, running a sweets service called Heart-Shaped Box. She offers various pastries and sweets she hand-makes, and then hand-delivers in small boxes in the shape of a heart. She adores and idolizes Dio, but several of the hotel guests and employees tease her for hiding a crush on Brian Mei, the bell boy.

Courtney Love

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