Mike Burkett

An aging ex-punk rocker.


Mike is 40 years old, and his age is hitting him hard. While he once was quite fit and attractive, his drug and alcohol abuse has made him age much more quickly than one would expect, and he’s begun to put on a few extra pounds. While he was once loud and obnoxious, nowadays he is usually quiet and keeps to himself. Opinions of him around the Libertad are mixed, with many claiming he’s an asshole, while others say he’s a nice guy, once you get to know him.

High Concept
Wore out the Soles of My Party Boots
Mike was the king of the drug-booze thing, having spent many years as a hard-partying punk-rocker. He’s now grown old, and his crusted skin and rusted liver have left him but a shell of his younger self.
Me First, Gimme Gimme
Mike is a selfish and pro-active man, who will not hesitate to take the initiative in order to seize what he desires.
Known Aspects
My Closest Friend, Linoleum
Mike’s years of partying and substance abuse have driven away all his friends, leaving him cynical and alone.
Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing
Mike feels as though he has the reputation of an angry and bitter man. After years of alienating anyone even remotely close to him, he has decided to stop arguing and accept this reputation, even though he does not see himself as being as cruel as others seem to think he is.


Mike grew up in a moderately well-off family in London. His single mother raised him more or less alone, as his father would be away for months at a time – and when he would be around, he’d be out with his friends all night. Through high school his friends began dropping out and getting into drugs and alcohol, but Mike stayed clean and focused on his schooling.

After high school, the punk rock movement began sweeping through the United Kingdom, and Mike took an immediate fascination with the scene. When he was 21 he decided to try pot and alcohol – and he began quickly overcompensating. Drug and alcohol abuse quickly turned to drug and alcohol addiction as Mike became deeply engrossed in parties and trying to have the best of times, even if he wouldn’t remember them.

By 28 Mike was known as the “Shit-faced Master of Disgrace” and had become a legend among punk rockers all throughout London. There was no drug he hadn’t tried (and few he hadn’t abused), and blacked-out nights led to white-out mornings led to gray-matter damagings. However, his age wound up working against him as his friends all started moving on with starting their lives, and he remained partying with teenagers and young adults engrossed in rebellion. His few remaining friends urged him to find a clinic, but his angry retaliations quickly drove them away.

It took only a few more years before he got the tap on his shoulder to remind him he was getting older, not better, and the laughs were no longer with him. He wandered between parties for a year or so afterwards, but his new nickname of “Cokie the Clown” wasn’t quite up his alley, and it became evident to him that nobody likes an old punks’ bitterness. Eventually he grew tired of waking up sick and alone on a stranger’s floor, and took steps to get himself some help.

He managed to kick most of his drug habits at the age of 35, after a few years of rehab, but he found his resulting life empty. He took some meaning in is life by caring for his mother, who had been battling cancer for five years. Two years after leaving rehab, his mother passed away, and Mike decided to move to San Francisco to start a new life.

Mike still lives alone in San Francisco, taking odd jobs to help make ends meet. He’s recently decided to take a vacation to Los Angeles – and on the suggestion of a stranger at a bar in Beverly Hills, he decided to detour to visit the Casa Libertad on his drive back north.

Mike Burkett

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