Michelle Doherty

The elderly voice of The Owner.


An old woman usually clad in a red shawl. She often has a stern look on her face, as if she disapproves of absolutely everyone she meets. However, her voice is quite clear and soft. Her most prominent feature is that aside from the red shawl around her shoulders, everything about her is perfectly symmetrical – from the rings on her fingers to the wrinkles on her face.

High Concept
Voice of The Owner
Michelle is the only person at the Libertad who actually knows the Owner, and who knows his wishes.
All the Leaves are Brown and the Sky is Gray
Michelle is growing old, and as such is not very physically fit. However, her knowledge is vast and her spirit is hardened. She knows her life is nearly up, and is willing to take big risks.
Known Aspects
Snuck into a Church
Michelle has recently become very religious, and is critical of those who aren’t. Furthermore, she is quick to agree and befriend those who share her faith.
Such a Winter’s Day
Michelle is very sensitive to cold weather, and thrives in warmth.


Aged 79, not much is known about Michelle’s past. As a young girl, her family would come to visit the Libertad while on vacations, and she quickly grew attached to the establishment. She ran a moderately successful hotel business of her own at one point, but she is always vague about its ultimate fate. Beyond these facts, she never speaks much of her history. She is married, but refuses to say to whom – rumors among the Libertad say her husband is The Owner of the Casa Libertad himself. She is a religious person, but generally isn’t overbearing with her faith – she does naturally gravitate towards those who agree with her, however.

Michelle works as the spokeswoman for The Owner. She visits the Libertad every 3-4 weeks, to relay any information to and from the owner. She speaks mostly with Dio when she comes to visit, but will usually spend some time mingling with and speaking to other hotel employees and to the guests themselves. Whenever she arrives to the hotel, it is in a black 1956 Ford Thunderbird. While not often around, she is well-known among the regulars of the hotel.

Michelle Doherty

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