Donna Henley

Head maid and welcoming committee at the Casa Libertad


A dark-haired Spanish woman often wearing red and gold dresses adorned with roses. She is clean and welcoming, and is often the first person someone sees when entering the Casa Libertad.

High Concept
Head Maid of the Casa Libertad
Donna knows the Libertad better than anyone else, and has every nook and cranny of it and its guests committed to memory.
Love of Roses
Donna has a particular soft spot for roses, and puts protecting her rose garden in the Libertad’s courtyard at very high priority.
Known Aspects
A Welcoming Smile
Donna is both friendly and beautiful – there’s not a soul in the Libertad who doesn’t enjoy her company.
Escape Artist
Donna has a tendency to vanish quickly when no one is looking, to return to her duties when not immediately needed. Rumors say she knows of secret passages within the Libertad to do so.


Donna doesn’t speak much of herself at all, and not much is known about her. She appears to be in her early-mid-30s, but nobody has managed to get an exact age from her. She began working as a maid at the Casa Libertad a few years after Dio started working there. When the hotel re-opened, she was promoted to head of maid and housekeeping services, and has held that position ever since. Donna is close with Dio, being one of the few people who has worked at the hotel since before its re-opening. When asked about her, Dio has only said that she’s remained as beautiful as the day she started working there and that he knows little else about her.

Donna manages all of the maid and housekeeping services at the Libertad, and always welcomes guests to the hotel. She will always take the opportunity to show new guests a tour of the grounds, and will do her best to ensure they feel as welcome as possible. If a guest returns to the hotel, she will always remember them and their needs / preferences, no matter how long it has been since they last stayed there. Hotel employees are baffled as to how her memory of these details is so excellent, as she does not appear to keep any notes or ledgers about such information.

Donna Henley

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