Dimitri "Dio" Brando

A man with high charisma and even higher aspirations.


A tall man with cold eyes, golden hair, and translucent alabaster skin – but most of all, a dubious sensuality, the kind not often expected of a man. The dangerous sweetness of his voice calms the hearts of others, easily allowing him to manipulate them to his will.

High Concept
Concierge of the Casa Libertad
Dio is well-known by everyone at the Libertad as the greatest concierge it’s ever seen, and he has deep connections with every one of its employees – and many of its guests as well.
Brando Family Pride
Dio’s entire family has historically been very prideful – and Dio is no exception.
Known Aspects
Don’t Stop Me Now
Dio’s focus is an unstoppable force- once his eyes are set on a goal, nothing will stop him from attaining it.
Golden Hair and a Silver Tongue
Dio has exceptionally good looks and exceptionally good charms – it’s not difficult at all for him to get others to follow him and his orders.


Born into a wealthy family, Dimitri “Dio” Brando was raised to always show as much grace and manners as possible. The Brando family fortune was passed down from Dimitri’s great grandfather, Diego Brando. Diego, a horse jockey from a poor British family, placed third in the Steel Ball Run race – earning him the prize of $500,000. Afterwards, he married a rich elderly woman, who died less than a year later. Diego inherited her fortune as well – and while murder was suspect, a lack of evidence dismissed the case.

As a young boy, Dimitri had many friends and pursued as much education as he could – horsemanship, mathematics, but history peaked his particular interest. Dio’s mother passed away due to sickness when he was an infant, and Dio’s father spent the following several years gambling, drinking, and abusing Dio. At the age of 9, Dio and his father were evicted from their house, his father having wasted the final few scraps of their once great wealth. Forced into a life of poverty, Dio’s hatred for his father grew into a deep-seated resentment. At the age of 14 Dio left his father to make his own life, and never saw him again. However, the strive for success combined with the motivation of poverty have driven Dio to become a self-made man.

At the age of 19, Dimitri got a job at the Grand Hotel Casa Libertad as a lobby boy, which he quickly excelled at. His natural charisma and commanding personality caused him to quickly rise within the internal ranks of the hotel staff – he worked harder than any other employee to help the failing hotel become a success. As business fell, Dimitri seized the opportunity to manipulate his way to promotion after promotion, as higher-ups at the hotel left for more gainful employment. Two years after working at the hotel, Dio received notification that his father had passed away; leaving Dimitri as the only living member of the Brando family. Dio received nothing more than a few heirlooms and severe debt as his inheritance – one final gift from his father. However, when the Libertad changed owners in 1988, Dio was promoted to concierge and was entrusted with leading the restoration of the grand hotel.

Now aged 27, Dimitri is still the concierge of the hotel – however, even he has not had the privilege of meeting the hotel’s owner. As the owner is nearly always absent, Dio is generally the man running the establishment. There’s rarely a soul that passes through the doors of the Libertad without meeting Dio, and there’s never one that Dio doesn’t keep an eye on.

Dimitri "Dio" Brando

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