Brian Mei

The young bell-boy at the Libertad


A short, dark-skinned Asian boy, Brian is always seen wearing his lobby boy uniform. He is very quiet, but doesn’t come off as particularly timid or shy.

High Concept
When I’m Gone, Oh Be Strong
Brian has gone through hell for such a young boy, and he has a very strong and hardened will due to his past – he harshly expects others to be as thick-skinned as he is.
Let Our Candles Always Burn
Brian has spent many nights alone on the streets, and has seen some of their worst – leading to a fear of the dark.
Known Aspects
The Same Wind Blows
Brian has been abandoned many times, and expects it to happen more – he stands up for himself, but doesn’t ever expect others to do so for him.
Oh My Love, My Love
Brian’s trust is very hard earned, but is absolute once it is gained.


Brian was born in Barstow, California, and had a very rough childhood. His half Chinese half Japanese father died in a car accident when Brian was 4 years old, and his East Indian mother was a heavy drug abuser who was sent to prison when Brian was 6. Brian spent many of his years after that moving between many different foster families around Southern California, as the rest of his family was still located in various parts of Asia.

At the age of 12, Brian left his most recent foster family to live on his own. He survived off the streets for a while, and eventually concocted a plan to hitch-hike to New York City. He did not get far, though – he was dropped off at the Casa Libertad shortly after he began his journey, and never wound up leaving. Dio grew fond of the boy very quickly, seeing much of his own younger self in him, and offered him room and board at the Libertad.

Despite the very inconsistent upbringing, Brian is generally a kind boy who enjoys making others happy. At 14 years old, Brian is the youngest employee at the Casa Libertad. He has been working as the lobby boy at the Libertad for about a year, under Dio’s supervision and care. He looks up to Dio as a father figure, and works hard to earn his approval. He is friends with Courtney Love, and has a developing crush on her.

Brian Mei

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